Building a 30-40 m sailing Roman bireme!

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Building a 30-40 m sailing Roman bireme!

Post by Lundrim »

Does any one have any building plan, and list of materials needed for the construction of an ancient bireme ship?
Please if you have any tips or information for the building of any ancient ships of the Greek or Roman era do let me know.



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Re: Building a 30-40 m sailing Roman bireme!

Post by Katie »

A book named The Athenian Trireme: The History and Reconstruction of an Ancient Greek Warship" by J. S. Morrison, J. F. Coates, N. B. Rankov. This book could really help for you. It covers the design and building of what's intended as a reconstruction of the later trireme. Its not a fully technical book but it gives you an awful lot of insight. The main thing to note is that ships of this period used an extremely complex and technically demanding method of construction. Post classical age ship construction was a lot simpler and greatly lower maintenance, but also a lot heavier. I think this book will help you.

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