North Los Angeles County Supplier

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North Los Angeles County Supplier

Post by JoeM » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:12 pm

I'm checking out the various lumber/plywood suppliers in my area from the "main" list from Glen-L. I have some emails for some quotes out. I'm writing to those that are closest to me as I will be likely purchasing in small quantities as I go and shipping would kill me doing it that way. I have a 1999 f-350 and access to a few large trailers if needed so I can pick up as I go.

The companies I've contacted so far are below. I think what i'm asking for is reviews on services and prices from these companies if anyone has used them before. I"m not asking for specific prices just were they fair or overpriced. The list of CA suppliers is extensive, so I may have missed one or two that are close by so if someone knows of one that I missed i'd appreciate you pointing out my mistake. I'm also looking to find a place that has both Lumber and Plywood to reduce the number of trips I have to make so I may have omitted some of the ones that only had one or the other.

Anderson Plywood - on the list
Valencia Lumber - not on the list Has anyone used them before? They are in Van Nuys, CA and closest to me.
Weber Plywood - on the list
Ganahl Lumber - on the list

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