I need wood help!!

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I need wood help!!

Post by sailors »

I'm building a power dory and cannot find suitable doug fir for frames.

I'm considering oak or mahogany. I need advice on the best alternative to fir for frames especially considering the strength and weight.

Thanks, sailor

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Post by RobbieD »

Many say instead of using mohogany or teak you can use fir. So they sound interchangable but the mohogany and teak are more expensive.

Hope this helps

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Post by DavidMcA »

I'd go with mahogany...just my personal opinion....I think mahogany is much easier to work with because it has finer grain than oak.

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Post by RonW »

Sailor, if you are building a pacific dory with sawed frames, and live in the eastern half of the united states, use southern yellow pine. Easy to get, a whole lot cheaper then mahogany, and is the subsitute wood used in boatbuilding for white oak. Fantastic strength and rot resistance.

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Post by Jones »


The highest quality Doug Fir is found at shops that build trusses (state building codes require certain standards). Many shops will sell some of their inventory, as low as .50/lf on 2x4 stock. Do you own a stationary planer?


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Post by kens »

Fir is a fine boat wood, recommended in many boat plans.
Yellow pine and Ash are good too.
Oak is hard to work with and is good for the old tyme building processes that use thru bolt fasteners.

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Post by Raftermike »

Depending where you live.
here in PA I was able to get southern yellow pine select and better kiln dried in 1x8x16 for 1.05 a foot. I've been carpenter for 16 years and this is great wood. Easier to work with than oak and 1/4 price of oak and mahogany. Fir of same quality is actually harder to come by aeond here and more expensive.
Try your neighborhood lumber yard (not a HD or Lowes ,etc) see whqat they can get you.
You also might be able to some stuff dirctly from the mill if there are any around you.
Good luck.

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Dave Grason
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Post by Dave Grason »

Raftermike wrote:Depending where you live.....
Yes, where DO you live?

If you're in the middle US, white oak should be easy to comeby and should NOT be expensive at all. Personally, I don't find it hard to work with at all but maybe that's because I'm so accustomed to it.

Here in Tennessee, it's a short drive to Somerset Ky, where they mill white oak like no one's business. A number of years ago, I was driving there to get wood straight from the mill but now, the hardwood suppliers in my area are slashing prices on this stuff and I can get it as cheap locally as I used to be able to making the drive. And I've said this before, but it really is my favorite wood. I love the stuff.

I think the catch is to ask around and then keep asking and keep visiting local places until you get an idea of what prices should be. I've found that if the lumber yard thinks you're clueless they'll give you the "bend over and grip your ankles" price. So do your homework.

Here locally, there are a couple of places specializing in exotic hardwoods. I've been seeing prices around $10 per bd ft for mahogany. But then I've had a couple of places want to price it by the linear ft for the pieces they had and if figured out to around $40 per bd ft. And they wanted to mix in African (khaya spp) for Central American (swietenia macrophylla.)

So the thing is that the old cliche really is true: "Knowledge is Power!"
Isn't it amazing!! The person that never has the fortitude to pursue his own dreams, will be the first to try and discourage you from pursuing yours.

Dave Beem
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Doglas fir

Post by Dave Beem »

Hee so spelling isn't so hot but go wit grade 1 dug fir you will find it is not alot more expensive. Example look to truss manufactures! or a good lumber yard1 avoid the home repair places like home depot and lowes the only sell seconds and not first grade lumber
Ii hope this helps but drop me a line at dnebeem@msn.com if you have any questions good luck

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