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Thanks to all. Sherry and I had a great time. Made it home last night about 6:45 PM. The first message I had on my answering machine, was my mechanic, saying my engine was ready. He had called the day I left. So, I be back next year, with a boat that I put in the water. Thanks again to all that made it possible, and looking forward to next year.



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Can't remember your screen name or real name,but the one I was talking to about building a Pee-Wee & street rods, here is the web site that has pics & video of a Pee -Wee:


Also some tnt's,Squirts,mini max,mini most,tiny titan etc


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What a great time the gathering was again this year. It was nice to see familiar faces and new face as well. The boats were fantastic as was the food and the company, what more can you ask for....OK maybe less rain but it all turned out well. I posted some photos to share with all of you on photobucket. Feel free to share them and use them on the website if you wish. http://s219.photobucket.com/albums/cc18 ... ng%202008/
Thanks for another great time

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Butch Barto
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Paulla and I had a good time .It was good for us staying in the camp ground I got to run my boat back-n-forth all weekend that was great .

Bill Yonescu
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A great time with great people.

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We had a wonderful time meeting everyone. Thank you to all who put this Gathering together and thank you to all who were there and helped make it such a nice and great time. We just got home… no problems just slow…

Bill, Linda, and Piglet

Here are some photos

http://s396.photobucket.com/albums/pp44 ... =slideshow
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I forgot to say thanks to all those that took us for rides...great to get OUT there!! :lol: :D :wink:

Bill Yonescu
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Photos Added.

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I added some photos two posts above... Bill
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Hi all, am checking in from the Days Inn in Clarksville, TN. on my way home. Sunday as people were pulling out I was talking about making the run to Chattanooga and Dwain looked into changing his flight out but they had him over a barrel he couldn't change it, so Dave Grason decided he'd go along on my boat. Both of us beefy-T's loaded into the ol' Sea Knight and headed out for the 200+ mile round trip run. It was a beautiful day, warm with light wind. Absolutely great run to Chat with the colors and the hills! Docked and went to the Big River Grill, had a brew and ate, walked around town a while and took the electric shuttle to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo and back. Walked across the river to a Walgreens and picked up some air mattresses. Packed us both in the boat for the night...(NO, not BOTH in the berth!)...and headed back yesterday. The temp dropped like a rock and the wind kicked up overnight but with the trim tabs (thanks Ray) and the cover it was a pretty good ride back. Dave left and I spent the night on the boat. Today it was a little warmer and I put on some miles down to the Guntersville lock and roamed the area a bit before packing up later in the afternoon. Put about 260 total river miles on this trip and burned about 44 gallons of gas. For next year, I highly recommend that Chat run for whoever might want to make it. If your boat doesn't have a cabin, there are a bunch of motels within walking distance of the docks.

If I can ever figure out that photobucket thing I'll post a few pix too.

This got long winded but it was a GREAT trip again. Thanks to all the good people that make it happen. You are all very enjoyable folks to be around and make the two thousand mile round trip worth it!! Thanks also to Gayle and John...it is fun to talk to you both.

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Here are the pics I took

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Dave Grason
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Wow, Thinwater. Great photos!

I'm so glad that I made it this year. And the trip to Chattanooga with Bob really capped off the weekend. ....what am I talking about? That trip capped off the entire summer!! Thanks again Bob for letting me mooch a ride. I don't how we would have all fit but I'm really sorry that Dwayne couldn't change his flight.
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Great pictures guys!
i hope you took a few for the new Glen-L calendar!
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You'll have to forgive me for posting this at such a late date, but we don't have Internet at home
and I was off last week (got the exhaust hoses on :-). )

We didn't take too many pictures of the Gathering, but I did manage to snap one of Gayle in her
element :


We had a safe trip back home. More rain, sleet and light snow :wink: We pulled into the driveway
at 4:30 PM last Tuesday. For those of you who thought Bruce and I misled you about driving
through rain, sleet and snow to get to the Gathering, here's what it looked like by 11 PM :


We had a great time ! Thanks to all who made the Gathering a reality. Special thanks to Bruce, Anne
and the girls for putting me up for two nights in Toronto. We picked up right where we left off last year . . .

On the way down, Bruce's Dad (Brian) and I spent the longest time trying to find Bruce a forum
screen name but we came up short . . .

We'll post more Gathering photos soon !
Paul Kane Chelsea, PQ

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Gayle Brantuk
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Great pictures from everyone! Thank you for sharing. Could I get those of you who have posted photos to email them to us as well? Photobucket is a great tool, but we can't use them in that format. If you could just shoot them to us in an email as jpeg attachments, that would be great. The larger the format, the better. Email them to info@Glen-L.com

This way, the photos of your boats will look the best and will be seen the world over!


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Are you then going to post them? There are several pictures I would like to have in my album.

Just sent mine.

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Gayle Brantuk
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We'll post the photos in the next WebLetter...


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