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Last Month!

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:40 pm
by Bill Edmundson
OK :!:


Let us know if you're coming! Bruce Dow is the score keeper! Let him know your plans!


Right now we have kind of a pot luck Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday morning we need a few more volunteers.

Saturday night looks like BBQ. I think we need one or two more.

If you can't help on food, We have to pay for the pavilion, draft beer and Porto-potty (if we get one). Donations are appreciated.

This is all volunteer. So, up front cost are out of somebody's pocket.


Re: Last Month!

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:03 pm
by Dave Grason
I've had the pavillion reserved on my credit card for a long time. I figured on just paying the bill when it came and calling it my contribution. Is that ok?

Re: Last Month!

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:21 pm
by Rob Myran
Sorry to say, I'm not going to attend. My goal was to finish my Minuet and be able to sea trail this fall and bring it to the gathering to show it off. A combination of the economy, need to do some major house work myself, and a health issue, caused me to suspend working on my Minuet, so I will have to hope for next year.

I have not even been able to sail the Precision 21 that often this summer. I guess some years are not really sailing or boat building years.

- Rob

Re: Last Month!

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:40 am
by Mark Chadwick
Rob Myran wrote:.....

I have not even been able to sail the Precision 21 that often this summer. I guess some years are not really sailing or boat building years.

- Rob

Just trolling The Gather 2009 threads as this will be our first time out and noticed your post. Question if I may?

How do you like the Precision 21? It is a boat I have been looking at. Main question is how does it sail? Point? Balance/weather helm?

Thanks for any info...


Re: Last Month!

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:45 pm
by Rob Myran
Hi Mark,

I have had the Precision 21 since 2000. It sails and points very well. It is lively and pretty fast. Balance is good and little weather helm unless the kick up rudder slips upward (which it does as the jam cleat gets worn as mine is.) It also sails well in very light air. It has a stub keel with a centerboard that does not protrude into the cabin space.

It is comfortable for a couple to weekend on or longer. A family of four would do fine as well if they watch the amount of stuff they bring aboard.

Mast is just large enough (25') that it is best raised with two. One to lift, one to set the forestay pin. Many use a J pole and winch to help lift instead of shear muscle. Trailer weight for towing is realistically 2000 lbs. It does travel well behind my E-150 Ford van. I have also towed it with a Ford Ranger. You do feel it back there with that truck.

The P-21 has a small round sink and 5 gallon water reservoir tank, has an Origo alcohol stove, and has a cooler with a teak board on top for a step under the companion way. The porta potty is usually placed foreward of the galley space on the port side in the V berth.

The two side berths are 8 feet long, the V berth is actually large enough for my 5'11" body.

I mostly sail solo and it is easy for me to handle. My sail inventory is all hank-on head sails - 155% Genny, 100 working jib, 40% storm jib. One set of reef points on the mainsail.

This all begs the question why I am building a Minuet if I have a P-21 I like.
1. I always wanted to build a boat.
2. I wanted a smaller boat that would be easy to trailer and weekend on and would be easy to launch and retrieve on the shallow poorer quality ramps found on lots of small lakes.
3. Sailing solo, a smaller boat will fit me better for using a smaller tow vehicle, raising and lower masts by myself, and costs of traveling (fuel for the tow vehicle).
4. One can never have too many boats.
5. Did I say I always wanted to build a boat? :mrgreen:

- Rob