How to get the correct color on epoxy caulking?

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How to get the correct color on epoxy caulking?

Post by RoyH »

I'm about to finish the deck om my Squirt, and I want the "white" epoxy caulking to have the correct color. Not bright white, but the more yellow look of old deck caulking colored by varnish and oil.
Are there any easy ways to do this, or do I have to experiment on my own ?
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Re: How to get the correct color on epoxy caulking?

Post by Iggy »


I used a white pigment in my epoxy, combined with cab-o-sil filler, to crate my deck seam lines. Now, in addition to that, I fiberglassed over-top everything (seams & plywood planks) and the overall color of the seams are now slighltly off-white, not too yellow, but not bright white either. Visually right where I wanted it to be.

The process was pretty straightfoward, and the only caution is that the method I used (baby syringe) did introduce some small bubbles I had to re-fill a 2nd time after I sanded the overfilled epoxy seams and uncovered the holes left behind.


I would probably use this method again for either plywood or solid planked decks. I am not a fan of caulking.

I have quite a few pictures of it in my Malahini photo gallery: ... llery=1375
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Re: How to get the correct color on epoxy caulking?

Post by Roberta »

The older Chris Crafts are sometimes refinished by the pros using 3M 4200 in a darker wood color for the caulk lines then a pin stripe wheel with white boot stripe paint is used to paint the lines in. That idea is not appealing to me. Any thickened epoxy with white pigment added will work fine. The lines will yellow slightly over time under the varnish or clear coat. I know mine did under System Three WR-LPU clear gloss. I am refinishing with Epifanes, and that varnish does have an amber hue and will definitely yellow a bit.

I used System Three Gel Magic and their white pigment.

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