Epoxy Clean Up

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Epoxy Clean Up

Post by psaam »

I've done my first test batch of Poxy Shield epoxy for encapsulation of a stitch and glue kayak. What's the appropriate clean up for mixing containers, rolling trays and rollers? It seems like I'll be doing this many times in small batches but I'm not really clear on the safe and environmentally friendly cleanup. Am I supposed to let any used epoxy set up in the containers and the scape the solid out? What about rollers and brushes?



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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by mrintense »

Actually, I was not able to keep anything that was used to mix or apply the epoxy. I would let the mixing cups harden before throwing them away. Brushes were a one time use. It might be possible to clean them, but I didn't. I haven't used rollers yet, but I would think those would be impossible to clean. As for rolling trays, you can by thi plastic inserts for these at Home Depot. They are real flexible and it might be possible to remove the epoxy from them once it had set up.

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by Barra »

I use small plastic tubs (butter containers etc) and plastic scrapers for mixing. Allow the epoxy to dry and as the tubs are flexible the epoxy will usually come off in 1 piece. Same for the scrapers although may need a bit more work to break off the dry epoxy.

I also use large syringes to measure out the resin and hardener, one for each. These seem to last quite awhile.

Never managed to clean rollers, brushes etc, would go through may too much acetone trying to do this...

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by psaam »

Thanks guys, this forum is wonderful. Looks like it is back to Depot for me. Syringes and brushes.

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by cusoak »

If you go to home depot and buy a sturdy plastic roller tray and use up most of the epoxy then let it dry. Twist the tray and the epoxy will come loose and you can pull it out. You can clean off roller with lacquer thinner, covers throw away. Brushes go to harbor freight and buy natural brisell brushes they are cheep there and then throw them away.
containers use left over butter tubs or any like that.

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by Bill Edmundson »

I use cheap chip brushes and just throw them away ( I'd rather drink a beer than waste time cleaning a cheap brush) . You can sometimes get a second use out of a brush by wrapping them in plastic and putting them in the freezer. Always use nitrile gloves not latex. You can turn the glove inside out over the brush to put in the trash or freezer.

Plastic food containers work well and flex enough that you can usually get the cured epoxy out. Same for plastic paint trays. Mini bread pans work well and help keep the mix from heating up. You can also freeze some water in the bottom of one pan then nest the mixing pan in the frozen one. When the pan builds up too much throw it away and get another.

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by kens »

If the epoxy is still wet, you can clean up with vinegar.
No need for strong chemicals for your hands, drips, spills.
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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by psaam »

Thanks all for the great tips. Encapsulation started today in earnest and I'm getting a system down.

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by John56 »

I'm always on the look out for cheap disposable small bowls. I hit the Dollar Stores just after a holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc) and buy the small paper or plastic bowls. Great for mixing epoxy. Just toss when done.

I can get couple to three uses out of chip brushes using Denatured Alcohol.

But like Bill said so perfectly, I usually just pitch and reach for a cold beer.

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by raymacke »

I second kens suggestion - for me vinegar works as well as any solvent, is more user friendly and MUCH cheaper. The only downside is the shop may smell somewhat like coleslaw. :P
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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by slug »

Sorry guys, but I've tried vinegar and find that lacquer thinner works best for me. After wiping off the excess epoxy I rinse and let the brushes soak in it. After the thinner gets too dirty to use, I use it to clean out the plastic mixing containers after I've wiped out most with a rag. As thinner evaporates rapidly, most gets tossed across the gravel driveway :shock:
I get my mixing tubs from an automotive supply store as they are graduated, and this allows me to easily mix accurate quantities close to what I need. This cuts down on wasted epoxy.

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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by scottinwv »

I use plastic cups, craft sticks and chip brushes. The cups are about $4 for 100 and the large craft sticks (tongue depressor size) are about $5 for 300. Chip brushes bought in quantity are about 40 cents each.

No clean up, just let it harden where it won't build too much heat and toss in the trash the next day.


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Re: Epoxy Clean Up

Post by BayouBengal »

Don't use the vinegar on metal tools, it will cause them to rust.

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