Spraying CPES

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Spraying CPES

Post by chugalug » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:16 pm

:D I know that spraying CPES is not advised;however when I got my CPES from the Rot Doctor(2gal. kit),they advertised that one could use one of those little 16oz hand-operated spray bottles.I just poured in 7oz part "A" then poured in 7oz part "b" then shook the bottle like they said to and sprayed all my hard to get to spots(up in the bow area in the Bo-Jest)WEAR RESPIRATOR :D you just have adjust nozzle so that you spray a lot at a time -not mist. I didn't worry about clean-up ;the bottles only cost a couple dollars at hardware store.I also turned off anything that made a spark(fans,etc.)
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