2014 Gathering G-8

News from the great Gathering of Glen-L Boatbuilders!

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Re: 2014 Gathering G-8

Postby mrintense » Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:32 pm

After looking at all the pictures and the videos, it appears that this year's gathering was a success. As usual, from what I can see, there are very nice boats there. I am sure the river run on Friday was a lot of fun. I hope that I can make it to one of these events in the next couple of years. I once went to a gathering of Houseboats on Lake Shasta and there was over 10 houseboats in our group in addition to a bunch of PWC and smaller boats. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done and I would very much like to duplicate the experience.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences with us so that we can all enjoy the gathering whether we made it or not.
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Re: 2014 Gathering G-8

Postby Bill Edmundson » Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:36 pm


We don't seem to get to talk much. But, I always get a big smile when I know you're there.

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