True Grit Aluminum Build

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Re: True Grit Aluminum Build

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Got the last of the seams welded out (switched to TIG for the plate butt welds, I was worried about plate distortion but didn't get any measurable "pucker"), and performed the first of what I expect to be a few flips this weekend. The boat sure grew once I could see the full internal volume without all the building fixtures. Flip went smoother than I expected, only about an hour beginning to end. Used a single sling in the back and the bow eye, with a cross-spall where the sling crossed the shear to keep the sides in position. All of the original fixture spalls are still in, I will keep those in until I get the raised shear and gunwhale installed. It's now on the trailer to move it under cover for winter work.

The plan now will be to back-gouge and weld all the inside seal-welds now that they are down, in position welds. I anticipate a few cold spots from the outside welds so I will use the gouging as an opportunity to check penetration and cut out any issue welds. Once I flip back over to install the stern tube I can dress the outside welds again (at least that's the plan). After inside basic welds it will be on to the bulwark/raised sheer...still head-scratching the junction between bulwark and gunwhale top.

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Re: True Grit Aluminum Build

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I'm no welder, but those are some nice looking welds. Impressive build you have going there.
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Re: True Grit Aluminum Build

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I actually prefer to weld the inside hull seams and other welds overhead, standing flat footed on the shop floor, as compared to having to kneel down and reach below my knees with the torch to weld when the hull is keel down doing the same welds.

My experience with the over head welds is that the vastly improved 'reach' and freedom of movement with the torch overhead, or at should ht., allows me to put in much better welds compared to crunching-up my chest while kneeling down.

Back gouging seam weld penetration is easier for me working under an up turned hull as well; since i can get near the work while next to the tool instead of being near the work while having the tool hide the cutter from me with the blade guard.

Hull looks nice.

Kevin Morin
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Re: True Grit Aluminum Build

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This is my first visit to this website.

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Re: True Grit Aluminum Build

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