Powder Coat or Hard Anodized

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Powder Coat or Hard Anodized

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I'm building most of my underdeck support work for my engine hatch and seating out of aluminum. What is the best protector for aluminum in this application, powder coat or hard anodized?

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Bill Edmundson
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Re: Powder Coat or Hard Anodized

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My motor mounts in the Tahoe are 6061 T6. It's down on the coast most of the time. So far, no problems with no coating at all. They look like new.

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Re: Powder Coat or Hard Anodized

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Uncoated aluminum will last a long time but it will eventually start to corrode and look like crap. Powder coating is tougher than anodized. If you can get a small enough amount to do the job you can also use awl-grip paint. Make sure you do all the prep work and it will last a long time.

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Bob Gerdisch
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Re: Powder Coat or Hard Anodized

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I anodized all the home made aluminum hardware on my Hot Rod engine parts,steering parts and a cavatation plate about 11 years ago. All look good today.I went with silver not the prettist color its a dull silver but there is no oxidation.

Bob G.

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