So, You want to buy a welding machine...?

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Re: So, You want to buy a welding machine...?

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North, sorry for the poor reading comprehension!! You did address the AC TIG issue I just didn't see it!

I've not used any power supplies with all functions in one chassis- regardless of brand- so I don't know what will or won't be present or how well that newer model will perform.

I do like being able to use MIG and then turn to TIG with no delay except to pick up the other torch, so the two power supply approach without "changing over" is my preference. That said; if the one power supply could be connected with the needed torches MIG & TIG and then just have front panel switches set from one mode to another?? well, that might make such a multi-function power supply appealing.

I use a 300 Amp Blue TIG power supply and have to use Helium/Argon mix gas to get thicker (>3/8") material really as deeply penetrated as I'd like. I don't often use the upper most range of a 350 Amp Red MIG power supply.... but the next ranges down seem to have much lower duty cycle ratings- so unless a multi-function power supply were able to approximate those power deliveries? I'm not sure it will be all that functional for aluminum boat welding?

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Re: So, You want to buy a welding machine...?

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Hi Kevin,

I will likely not make any rash decisions or purchases.. if one of my feeder cabinets sells, i may just keep the other feeder and push-pull gun for my xmt304 - i do like having 300 amps (on single phase) and high duty cycle. I could then opt for a mid range ac/dc tig, with adequate power but perhaps a lower duty cycle, as I could not justify having top-of-the line Mig and Tig... this is just a hobby for me..

thanks for the input!

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