Exploring Chickamauga Lake

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Re: Exploring Chickamauga Lake

Post by DrBryanJ »

Matt, that is very cool! It's amazing the detail in a computer program. I would think for such an out of the way place, it would be a blur. My son has it set up with a VR headset. I'll have to try it out.

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Re: Exploring Chickamauga Lake

Post by hoodman »

Bryan, you can go anywhere on earth with a similar level of detail. Some major cities and airports have been gone over by hand for even more realistic detail. Most areas are procedurally generated from satellite photos.

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Re: Exploring Chickamauga Lake

Post by kens »

I suppose all of us have looked at G-15 from Google Earth on our own computers.......
It seems that the MS flight simulator game indicates more detail than google earth.
Either way, the new G15 looks like a exciting new venue, more islands, more side creeks, more places to explore, more marinas to get gas/fuel/food/drinks.........
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