1962? Merc 500

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1962? Merc 500

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Hi all,
I have absolutely no knowledge of anything boat or boating related. I've been on a boat a few times in my life and that is about it, so please bare with me.

My grandfather passed away recently (he was a huge boater years ago) and left me a beautiful Mercury outboard motor. From my research it seems to be a 1962-3 model, but I'm not sure. I will attach pictures. He said the motor has not been run since it was purchased new. I'd like to sell it as unfortunately I have no use for it (as much as I'd like to keep it, there are no major waterways near me, so it doesn't make sense to leave it sitting in my garage).

Can you give me an idea of what it may be worth? I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you! :D

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Re: 1962? Merc 500

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Check out the AOMCI (Antique Outboard Motor Club) website. There is a whole other group of people that are into old outboards and someone will be interested in it.
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