Super Huck engine

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Super Huck engine


I am looking to build a 28' Super Huck and making it a tritoon. Does adding a third pontoon make it possible to increase engine size? And is it preferable to have a one large motor in middle or 2 smaller motors on outer pontoons?

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Dave Grason
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Re: Super Huck engine

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I'm sorry that I have not seen this post sooner. I've been away from the forum for quite a while.
You can never go wrong adding the third pontoon down the middle. As they say, it's possible to not have enough boat but never impossible to have too much boat. Adding the third pontoon will also make it easier to add more horsepower but pontoon boats are not designed or purposed to be race boats. I would still stay conservative. The third pontoon also makes the boat far safer than a double log pontoon because the third log eliminates "pontoon effect."

Choosing between one motor in the middle or two smaller motors, one on each pontoon, will depend on your budget and intended use. One of the biggest disadvantages to pontoon boats in general is that they can be quite difficult to load onto the trailer if there is a stiff breeze. This also holds true when navigating a small/tight marina. Having two separate motors makes a world of difference in maneuverability in these cases. But the trade-off is that rigging the motors will be more complicated but certainly not impossible.

I myself am considering the Mark Twain as a live-aboard houseboat. I'm definitely going with two motors and it will be a tritoon.
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Re: Super Huck engine

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Wondered where that face disappeared to. :D I have those Super Huck plans as well.Thinking on building one of those.Only doing the cold molded way-multiple layers of thin ply or short lengths of ply scarfed together.Saw a tri-toon with head cabin for'ward of steering station.Interesting
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