Diesel outboards.

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Diesel outboards.

Post by noddyone »

Hi Guys, anyone got any info. on diesel outboards? Are they made anymore? Up to 30HP to power a Coaster or Hercules on inland waterways and canals. Thanks.

fergal butler
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Re: Diesel outboards.

Post by fergal butler »

Hi noddyone, Yanmar do a 26 27 and a 36 hp. Hope to see you on the water sometime. :D

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Re: Diesel outboards.

Post by darthplywood »

i've never actually seen one outside of the scope of Youtube. They are cool though!
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Re: Diesel outboards.

Post by gstanfield »

The one I saw on Ebay sold for over $20k dollars for the 27HP version. :shock: There's no way in the world that it's worth that
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Re: Diesel outboards.

Post by NMMARENG »

Tohatsu made one. We had one on a work skiff on a ship years back. Don't believe they ever sold in the states though.

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