v-drive manufacturers and opinions for Rampage

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v-drive manufacturers and opinions for Rampage

Post by howard » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:04 pm

I am building a Rampage. I was originally going to do a jet but have been having second thoughts and am probably going to switch to a v-drive with a 5.7L (350ci) Scorpion (approx 330hp). Can people give me a list of v-drive manufacturers and some opinions on the pros, cons, experience with various drives and whether or not they would be suitable for a boat like the Rampage?

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Re: v-drive manufacturers and opinions for Rampage

Post by Mr Hot Rod » Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:48 pm

Here's the inboard profile for the v-drive option :
  • Image

    Inboard Profile - V-Drive option. Dimension from aft of cockpit to front of V-Drive: 5' 11" (Will vary).

    Rampage Design Page
Glen-L's Inboard Hardware Catalog is a One-Stop-Shop for Casale split case v-drives and related inboard hardware required to complete your inboard installation.
If a transmission is required, the Velvet Drive 71C or 72C 1:1 inline transmissions are hard to beat.

If installation height permits, another option would be to use a Direct or Remote Mount v-drive :
For transmission specs, suppliers and pricing, check out the V-Drive Section of our website's Transmission Page.

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Kane Custom Boats Ltd.
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Glen-L Boat Video Directory : http://www.kanecustomboats.com/pages/vi ... ctory.html

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Re: v-drive manufacturers and opinions for Rampage

Post by kens » Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:07 pm

I have often wondered about the direct mount Vdrives such as 5000V, Liberty, and the ZF. Doesn't the weight and balance move the engine forward with these trannys?
The direct mount tranny does away with the driveshaft & H-joint. Wouldn't the engine then move forward the length of the driveshaft, about 18" or so as compared to a Casale?
Also the gear ratios of the direct mounts don't get the shaft speed of the casale.
Am I correct in my assumptions?
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