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Support Knowledge Base - Shaft angles & layout diagrams

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This post is another in the 'Knowledge Base' series. The intent is to create an index to useful posts which would be of general interest.

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The following screenshot is a digital version of Dave's shaft layout method. We've expanded the spreadsheet to compute shaft angles for four engine displacements and two strut drops for each engine. It looks rather confusing but it saves having to rerun the spreadsheet with other data.

  • Image

    The first table contains engine dimensions and shaft layout data from scaled shaft layout diagrams. The four engines are installed at the same shaft angle. The second table calculates the shaft angles for each engine installed at a fixed distance from the transom.

    If you're trying to install an engine in a tight space and wish to minimize the shaft angle, scan the Shaft Angle column to find the best fit. In this example, a flywheel-forward installation is the best fit. It's followed by the 4.3 V6. The other angles are too steep if your goal is to stay below the 15 degree maximum. Stretching the hull and running the numbers again will flatten out the shaft angle.
You'll find more info and calculators on our website's Transmission Page.

Here's a direct link to the shaft layout section : Shaft Angles & Layouts - Drilling the Shaft Hole

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