Tiny might propeller slip

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Re: Tiny might propeller slip

Post by kens »

Slip is a difficult thing to figure out, but generally about 10-20%. I say generally because you can have a steep pitch prop and it runs with more slip than a flatter pitch prop and yet the boat goes the same speed.
My experience is that as pitch goes up, slip goes up too.
So don't get hung up worrying about slip.
With the info you have given so far, you are over-revving the engine, correct?
Then you need more pitch and/or more cupping.
Don't worry about slip,
Oak is over rated, everything about it takes extra time; then it warps, splits or checks !!! :roll:

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Re: Tiny might propeller slip

Post by JhlFin »

Yes, engine over revs. 10-20% slip sounds reasonable, my prop slips way too much right now. I would be happy with 30-40% slip. I cant wait to get prop back from shop and testdrive.

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