Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

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Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by Oyster »

The report is as I expected. I would be carefull when running the boat by yourself on the higher range if you are running at forty with full passenger load. You will be scared to death to the point of unsafe, IMO. It does not take much for the boat of that size with that amount of engine to take a quick hook or turn in the wrong conditions.[eternal pessimist rearing its head] :wink: But anyway it would be very hard for me to put the boat away for the winter. I would have to find some excuse, any and all to seek a lake or gathering somewhere in which to get a quick fix and bet that you will . Anyone want to start a poll on this one folks? :lol: 8)

One more warning, since I am always full of them, while sitting at your work desk or sitting around in your boxers in the everning time, you will find yourself drifting off to the memories of run on the lake while the family will probably be thinking that you are in the early stages of old timers diseases when they get no response from you at that time. :P :lol:


Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by upspirate »

Looks great! Glad it went well.

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Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by Roberta »

Great!!! Glad you had a nice outing!! Looks Fantastic!!!

Roberta :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by jeffh »

Thanks everyone. It was a great day and we had a great time out on the water. Oyster is right about the speed. One time I accelerated briskly during a left hand turn and it was plain fast. I normally get my hopes up for things like this and wind up a little disappointed. As far as performance, I was not disappointed one bit.

The sun did some weird things to the grain in the photos. The boat was pointed into the sun while docked and the wood grain at bow end was really exaggerated by the sunlight in my lens. The two panels on the hull don't really match but the difference is not that exaggerated. If you look at the deck it has a similar effect in the pictures taken from the side. The seam that is required on these plywood boats is one reason why I like the painted hulls and bright decks.

This may have been the last good weekend for a while. Tomorrow, the weather changes to rainy and a cold front hits on Wednesday. Temps will only be in the low 60s beginning Wednesday. Night temps up at Lake Chatuge and Lake Burton will be in the 30s. But, I may seek out some sort of gathering. The beauty of the E-TEC is it's simple self-winterization that takes less than 5-minutes.
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Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by ttownshaw »

Fantastic Jeff!!!!

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Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by Iggy »

I am both damn glad for you and damn jealous also... mine is ready for clearcoating after 16 hours of finish sanding and I'd have to be kicked in the head to put her on the water this season.

However, I am so glad that your beautiful boat made it to water a few times and that you got a really good feel for her this time around.

Job well done!
Ian (aka Iggy)
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Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by fergal butler »

Glad to see all went well, looks great but it might take a few days for the smug :D smile to come off your face :lol:

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Re: Malahini Launch Update Sept 27

Post by Gayle Brantuk »


Beautiful boat! You did an excellent job and should be proud! Enjoy...

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