Tiny Titan Build - Bow Complications

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Tiny Titan Build - Bow Complications

Post by largej » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:21 am

Hi folks,
Working on my 1st build - Tiny Titan. I have run into a situation that is either me just missing something completely or something is off in the plans - I am sure it is not the latter. I will try and explain below:
I have the bow completed and it has been done as per the plans. When I try an assemble it is a half inch short where it butts to the #1 frame when I align the notch in the #2 frame. The distance from the notch on the bow to end is 24 inches. The distance beteen the #1 frame and the #2 frame is 24 inches. If the bow end butts to the plywood on the frame and the notch goes to the front of the #2 frame shouldn't the distance from the notch to the end be 24 -1/2? Maybe I have the frames racked? I checked they are perpendicular to the bottom planking.

I really like the way the bow turned out. My 1st at laminating and preparing a rather large part. I could deepen the notch on the bow where it meets the #2 frame 1/2 inch. keeping it parallel. This should only shorten subsequent parts/planking correct?

Any information you have would be appreciated as I have found this forum to be a really great resource for a novice builder!
Thanks - JIm

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Re: Tiny Titan Build - Bow Complications

Post by slug » Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:26 pm

Jim; Pictures will help you get a solution/response as sometimes it's had to visualize the problem

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Re: Tiny Titan Build - Bow Complications

Post by Roberta » Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:27 pm

There are quite a few of those that have been built. I'm sure somebody who has built one will chime in. There are pictures in the archives of some of the build stages. They might shed some light on your problem. Here is a link to one build.