Durepox--high performance clear---by Resene--anyone try this product?

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Durepox--high performance clear---by Resene--anyone try this product?

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Hello---first post in his site---great info here---

I'm working on a wood deck v-drive right now---just had a new zebra wood deck & Sapele deck installed by Harlan Orrin.

Working on the finishing now ---

Seems like people are favoring epoxy with automotive clear as finishing technique---

I have a sample going right now---results seem to be ok so far. Applying epoxy on vertical pieces seem to be a little tricky---like to sag

Dust in flat section seems to sand out after drying.

Durepox high performance clear br Resene looks interesting for an alternative method of finishing the deck---

Described as a clear epoxy primer??? Like product--
Anyone used it as a clear over wood?---instead of epoxy /varnish products---?

Seems to be used in the sail boat industry ---

Sound tempting because I can spray it on like an automotive finish--

Here's a picture of my project ---
Couple pictures of my practice panel with 2 costs of epoxy
Billy Wishart
Nor Cal V-drives

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