TotalBoat Work Skiff

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TotalBoat Work Skiff

Post by hoodman »

If you haven't been watching the youtube series on Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff you are definitely missing out. There is a ton of good info packed into these videos. Not all of it applies to plywood construction but it has been fascinating to me to see the techniques.

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Re: TotalBoat Work Skiff

Post by rbrandenstein »

I've watched quite a few other videos by the shipwright on repairing and replacing planks, caulking seams, varnishing, etc. It is fascinating and informative. As you say, you can learn a lot.
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Re: TotalBoat Work Skiff

Post by sscobra »

Great series of videos. I have watched all 33 episodes. Lou is quite the character. Skip
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Re: TotalBoat Work Skiff

Post by Adrock1 »

Yeah, love that series. Have watched them all. Seeing the other techniques and types of construction is really interesting.

Check out some of his other videos too. He has lots of interesting stuff.

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Re: TotalBoat Work Skiff

Post by rleete »

I have watched all his videos from the beginning. I really like his insights into the way he does things, and why.

Looks like someone who would be interesting to sit and have a couple beers with some afternoon.

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Re: TotalBoat Work Skiff

Post by Richie M »

This really is a great thread of videos. It's great the way he makes things simple as a priority but it takes so much skill to make everything look so easy.

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