1950 raceboat cousin to Tiny-Might

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1950 raceboat cousin to Tiny-Might

Post by scottp » Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:47 pm

In 1950 there were some race boats built using Crosley engines of 40 hp and they
were called the Danbury Racers. It is agreed that these boats were built as modifications
of a boat called the Banshee which was made available in 1950 in one of the boat magazines.

I have the magazine article and plans that were published but this was a magazine article
and very sketchy. I think full size drawings would be needed. Fast forward to today.... I believe
this same boat has been modified only slightly to result in the Tiny-Might from Glen-L

Incredibly the Tiny-Might has been built with double and triple the power engines as was used
in the Danbury race boats but I think that the Tiny-Might could still work as great entertainment
with a 35hp engine of the V-Twin aircooled type Briggs& Stratton and Kohler and Generac etc.

We have seen how well the Crab Skiff raceboats do with 20 hp engines so shouldnt the
TinyMight do even better with 35 hp ?
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Re: 1950 raceboat cousin to Tiny-Might

Post by scottp » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:01 am

Here are some images of the Danbury racers from 1950 which were built from the Banshee plans.
In the recent few years a dozen or so of the racers were taken from warehouse storage and auctioned
and refurbished. They all are still using the 40hp (?) Crosley inboard engines.

It looks to me like the Tiny-Might is the same boat but modified to allow for a passenger which
is very practical.
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