Overniter in SC: Flipped 5-27-17

Designs for inboard or outboard power

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Re: Overniter in SC: Flipped 5-27-17

Postby mrintense » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:29 pm

I spent a week mocking up my interior to get a better feel for everything. This includes potential fuel tanks as mine are going to be built in. I would not put them in the cabin if possible. Depending upon the size and type of motor you you plan on hanging off the back, the weight may be considerable. As you mentioned you could move the batteries back there. In fact the start battery should be back there anyway I believe.

If you are not going to have a built in fuel tank, you can experiment by placing it in different locations when you first get her on the water.

I know, so many things to think about. It can be overwhelming at times.
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Re: Overniter in SC: Flipped 5-27-17

Postby Adrock1 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:17 am

My intent was to use a permanent "below deck" tank because the tank will be completely concealed inside the frame work of the rear bench and motor well. It won't be moveable.

If I end up putting two tanks in the aft corners on either side of the motor well they would definitely be pretty much permanent once the deck goes on because there would be no way to get them out without cutting off the deck.

Batteries are a different story. I'll have the option to relocate them fairly easily down the road if need be.

My concern really revolves around my deviation from the plans. Per the plans the fuel tank should go all the way aft at the transom under a rear seat. I chose to install a large motor well though, and consequently have moved the rear seating forward one frame. This moves the weight of the passengers forward and the weight of the tank too if it remains under the seat. It's only between frames one and two so probably still aft of the center of buoyancy so maybe it's no big deal.

I also plan to install a motor at the upper end of the acceptable HP range although my intent is to use an older lighter two stroke and not a huge heavy new four-stroke.

I'm starting to think that a single tank under the rear bench is going to be the way to go and that I should just plan to keep my options open with respect to battery placement. A pair of tanks with one in each aft corner would be more costly, more difficult to plumb and fill and more difficult to remove in the future should that ever be required.

Based on how that effects balance I could then decide whether one or both batteries should go either forward under the front seats or in the aft compartments. Whatever spaces are left unspoken for can then serve simply as storage.

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