video of the islander

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video of the islander

Post by pasquale »

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Re: video of the islander

Post by psychobilly »

Thanks Pasquale for sharing your family and dream with us. She turned out beautiful!

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Re: video of the islander

Post by specialk »

What a beautiful build....the video was perfect. ..thank you for sharing such a gorgeous dream.....
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Re: video of the islander

Post by JimmY »

I hope you get many more years of enjoyment on the 7C's
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Re: video of the islander

Post by mrintense »

This is beautiful. The Islander was my wish for boat when I was first making a choice on the build. It was the lack of building space that decided on the Vera Cruise instead. Both of these are great looking boats and you've all done the Islander proud. So glad to see this completed. and I am sure she is a source of pride in your household.

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Re: video of the islander

Post by BayouBengal »

Wonderful video and fantastic boat. Thanks for sharing. :D

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Re: video of the islander

Post by sscobra »

What a great video! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Nothing is better than seeing a dream come true. Skip
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Re: video of the islander

Post by North »

Indeed beautiful boa and thanks for sharing as well.

2 questions, if you don't mind:

-how long from start to launch? - the video of the flip has me guessing...

- I noticed smoke or maybe steam in the exhaust during the video - was that an issue or did you get it straightened out yet?

I ask as I just had the same thing on my 25 year old diesel, which sat for a few years... I went through way too much work removing the head (thinking head gasket or possibly a cracked head) when in the end it seems to have been just the gasket where the water/coolant enters into the water/coolant cooled exhaust manifold. I should have looked there first.... years of auto engine experience/ advice often points to the head or head gasket, as there are not many other points of entry for coolant into the exhaust on an auto engine....but in the marine world, with the water/ coolant cooled exhaust and water/ coolant cooled turbos, there are other possible culprits as well, some much easier and cheaper to fix...

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