PCM or Mercruiser Inboard?

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PCM or Mercruiser Inboard?

Post by KX6D »

If you had your choice of new power, would you go with a PCM or Mercury/Mercruiser inboard? What about transmissions? Velvet Drive or ZF?

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Re: PCM or Mercruiser Inboard?

Post by Roberta »

Crusader Captain's Choice, velvet drive liberty a.

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Re: PCM or Mercruiser Inboard?

Post by PeterG »

Sort of like a Ford versus Chevy question. Really, it boils down to who has what you need. Both use GM engines, both offer their accessories (alternator, manifolds, closed cooling, etc.) You just pick whoever has the best value for the size, power and configuration you need. As far as the transmission, velvet drive seems most popular with ZF Hurth a close second. You have to decide, do you want a down angle transmission or a straight line? A down angle helps with trickier motor installs where the extra angle helps with engine height and shorter shafts but any rotation of the engine on its mounts tends to pull the prop shaft slightly out of alignment and stress the shaft coupling whereas a straight line transmission will more or less rotate on the shaft cnterline and not stress the shaft coupling. All things to consider. It's all in what you feel you need. You can read up on all this in the Glen-L Inboard Installation book.
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Re: PCM or Mercruiser Inboard?

Post by kens »

which VelvetDrive and which ZF?
They are all GM base engines, but which one? Small block, big block, or the really bigger block?
the velvet drive 5000 series I say no in all cases.
the velvet drive 71 series is pretty much the standard for small block , 72 series for big block
the ZF offers a long line of types, inline, down-angle, and v drive. 45 series, 63 series, and 85 series
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Re: PCM or Mercruiser Inboard?

Post by Bill Edmundson »

I have the ZF-63a 8*down angle. Runs fine. Left hand rotation clicks at idle. Don't know why.

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