Modification for fold down aft sides on Jolly Roger

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Modification for fold down aft sides on Jolly Roger

Post by JiminTex »

One of the considerations I have been looking at is fold down sides as shown in the picture below. Can the frame including the height of the sheer be increased to allow a hydraulic side or platform be added. This is my idea since I have a few friends who are in wheel chairs or have a disability, to enter and leave the boat. Like a Wheelchair ramp but functional for swimming or fishing. Is there any companies that specialize on this or information that can be researched.
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Re: Modification for fold down aft sides on Jolly Roger

Post by JoeM »

I wish I had some answers for you. The concept is intriguing. I definitely like ideas on access to make boats wheelchair and mobility impaired accessible. Please don't take my comments/questions too much to heart as i'm fairly inexperienced and just trying to help.

What kind of waters are you thinking of being in? I would be a little concerned with using the platforms for fishing in anything but calm and flat seas especially for anyone that has any mobility issue(balance problems, wheelchair, etc.). I have some balance issues and have a hard time on some of the big 60-70' Sportfishing boats out here in CA sometimes and can't imagine not having a rail or something between me and the water.

When you say you want it to be good for swimming I assume you mean as a way to get back on the boat? Or as a means to dive off of the boat? Have you thought of how to bring those that are unable to climb a ladder back onto the platform?

I'm also planning on taking some people out who are mobility impaired, including myself. While mine won't be used for swimming, I am planning on having a boom with an open block pulley that will be able to haul people out of the water who are unable to use a swim ladder.

I on have a few other questions from my recent experience in trying to balance my design weight(on paper at least). One is, how much will this platform and accompanying hardware weigh? Is this on both sides where they may balance each other out or on one side only as in the picture? Will this place too much weight aft and cause your design to be unstable?

Last question, did you create that rendered model yourself?

Good luck with your design! I hope to follow along!
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