Flipped, but plan to Flip again

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Flipped, but plan to Flip again

Post by Cyclone » Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:08 pm

I have attached a picture of flipping the Glen L, Bluefin, I have under construction. I am finished building the hull, but the outside of the hull needs more sanding to get it smoother. I was finding it difficult to sand near the bow because with the boat upside down on the building form on casters the tip of the bow was over 6 feet high. Too hard to reach from the floor and due to the steep Vee shape at the bow it is hard to get up onto it to sand it without falling off. My plan is to put the the boat on the trailer in the garage and work on the inside over the winter. There are the motor stringers and framing around the cockpit to install. Once this is done on the top side of the boat will be stiffer and I plan to mount casters directly to some framework on the motor stringers. Later, this will allow me to flip it over to finish the outside of the hull. With the casters mounted this way I can have the height of the bottom close to 4 feet high which should make it much easier to finish the hull sanding. Yesterday I asked many guys on my street to help me lift the boat off the cart, roll it upright, and then lift it onto the trailer. In the attached picture most of us are standing in the driveway and the boat is on it's side. I built frame work to allow the boat to be rolled on it's side so that the hull is supported by the frame work. With the frame work the hull will not not touch the ground when being rolled over so that it would not be damaged and would be more stable on it's side. After it was on it's side we next rolled it upright. I then attached four 10ft long 2 x 4s to the top of the building form to make lifting handles. We let the back of the boat stay on the ground and had several guys lift the front as high as they could while a few of us lifted the tongue of the trailer up high so the back of the trailer dropped. Then we shoved the trailer under the front of the boat as far back as we could. When the guys let the bow down it was far enough forward on the trailer that the mid point of the hull was just past the end of the trailer and the boat teeter tottered onto the trailer as it's center of gravity was past the end of the trailer. After that we pushed the boat forward on the trailer. It slid on the carpeting that covers the trailer bunks quite easily. Next we pushed the trailer with the boat on it into the garage. The trailer has a swing tongue that allows the tongue to be swung from the towing position back toward one side of the trailer frame. if not for the swing tongue we would not be able to shut the garage door. The boat is about 19.5 feet long and garage is 20 feet. Many of the guys helping me did not think it would fit in the garage, I knew from my measurements that it should just fit, but I was a little nervous. The boat and none of the participants were damaged in the process, success.

This is the only picture I took during the process as I was running around trying to coordinate the activity so that we kept thing moving. I did not want to take too much of everyone's time. My friend took more pictures, and I will try to post those after he sends them to me. I have not taken many pictures during construction as my garage is too small to sand back to get much in the picture

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Re: Flipped, but plan to Flip again

Post by Milhouse » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:56 pm

Congrats on the safe flip, eager to see some more pictures.
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