flying saucer with jet drive

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flying saucer with jet drive

Post by jackman » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:45 pm

Hi this is bob jackman in twin falls idaho.i'm getting ready to build a flying saucer.I bought a polaris slt 750 for a donor power plant.Is there anyone out there who has done this.I'm hopeing to build this without a lot of problems.Would appreciate any info i can

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Re: flying saucer with jet drive

Post by JoeM » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:32 pm

Welcome to the forum Bob! Lots of knowledgeable people here who can probably help with anything you need, just ask.

Commonly recommended reading around here are the Building with Plywood book from Glen L, the Inboard Motor Installations book also by Glen L, and the Propeller Handbook, by David Gerr. I think you would only need to purchase the Building with Plywood book as the others don't really fit your plan.

Here are a few webletters about taking apart a jet ski to use as a donor.

Check out the registry for others that have completed your build, many times contact information is provided and they are usually happy to talk about their build and how it could relate to yours. At least that's what i'm finding in my True Grit build, thanks Ray and Curt! ... -archives/

Can also check out the customer photo gallery.

Also, here is the section of the forum that deals with Jet Ski Power. It might be a better place for your specific questions regarding jet ski motors since i'm not sure if the builders in there check the new member section. Here it is. viewforum.php?f=23

There is lots more information around and hopefully you can find a few helpful souls to help with specific jet ski motor questions in either this forum or the Jet Ski Power section.

Hope some of that helps and I wish you luck! Post pictures as you go, we all enjoy seeing them!
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Re: flying saucer with jet drive

Post by DSR » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:57 pm

Hi Bob, welcome to the forum!

It's really cool to see interest in using jet ski power and I always thought that the 12' Flying Saucer would be a great candidate for a classically styled conversion.

From the research I've gathered stemming from my own project build, the easiest method of doing a jet ski conversion is to cut the keel and transom sections (retaining the factory engine and pump mounting) from the donor ski hull and graft it into the Flying Saucer hull as a single unit. this at least eliminates a lot of issues regarding fabricating engine and pump mounting and powertrain alignment in the build.

Also, with this method being the most popular route for converting, there is more info here on the forum and out on the net regarding the issues that have been encountered and the various solutions that builders have used to take care of those issues.

You've got a good start already by having the donor ski in hand to gather all the measurements for the components, and with the typical jet ski having a pretty long powertrain I would definitely recommend stretching the FS the 10% to 13'. Keep the ski keel that extends below the FS keel narrow and long, and it doesn't have to project very far below the FS keel to be effective for loading the pump and boat handling. Also try to keep the ski transom portion that mounts the pump even with the FS transom, and behind the transom is even better. This reduces the turning response, or "twitchy" steering, along with better hull tracking.

This isn't the route that I chose to take on my project, but I've spent a lot of time researching my options so if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help!

Thanks Bob, :D
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