Key Largo Build - Boise/Charleston

A forum for contacting other builders of Ken Hankinson designs. These designs are now a part of the Glen-L family.

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Key Largo Build - Boise/Charleston

Post by boisebrit »

Great pleasure to welcome Mickfly to Boise today, he was passing through town on his way to the Oregon.

We have been leap frogging each other for about a year building the same design and helping each along the way. Guess I have been distracted with work and a bunch of other stuff so he felt compelled to help me get in gear again.

As Mick said it is like finally meeting a penpal, our significant others got to meet as well and compare notes, not sure that is a good thing but we are both allowed to continue with our projects.

Thanks for stopping by hope to make it to S.C one day soon.


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Re: Key Largo Build - Boise/Charleston

Post by mickfly »

Great afternoon in Boise with Bryan and his wife. His build looks great and I definitely have shop envy!

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Re: Key Largo Build - Boise/Charleston

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:D This forum and the Gatherings have sure made a lot of life friends. :D

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