January Malahini Crusing

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January Malahini Crusing

Post by rbrandenstein »

While this may be no big deal to you who live in the South or warmer climes, it is unusual to have a nice warm day in January in Missouri. I also happened to be at our condo this weeked and the temperature hit 65 degrees on Saturday. The day started very windy, but around 3 o'clock it calmed down and I could not resist. I just had to take a ride! I charged the battery first and it started right up.

Cruising in January. Pretty cool. The cold front came through on Saturday night and the temperature is now 22 degrees. Oh well, one day was better than none. My friend used his iPhone to make a short video. (He held the camera upright which caused the funny video format. )

Backing out of the dock
On the cruise.
Snapshot 1 (1-21-2013 10-26 AM).jpg
Here is the video link.
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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by ttownshaw »

You are right Bob...this weekend was perfect.

I told my wife we needed a three-car garage for my projects...she told me to ask her for permission next time before I buy a house.

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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by Iggy »

Ok now you southern folks are just rubbing it in! My lakes are frozen over with about three feet of snow ontop... now that I have a boat I am totally out of my 'winter patience'... and you go bragging about running your boat in JANUARY of all times!

If my teeth weren't chattering so loud from the cold, you'd hear me growling :(

Oh well... I guess I ought to be glad somebody is enjoying their boat... if I have to... I guess.
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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by Bill Edmundson »

Ian,Ian ,Ian

:lol: "I love the Southland. I'm tellin' ya'll this... Well, Pucker up Dixie and give me a kiss!". From a Rusty McHugh song.

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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by jeffh »

Very nice Bob! It sure is nice to have a day like that and water in the lake at the same time :lol: I'll be checking our boat this weekend. The forecast up at our lake for Saturday is 38F, so I'll stay out of the water. I just want to be sure that no varmints have found a way in and homesteaded.
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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by Paul Kinneberg »

Wow that would be nice to take a boat ride in January!!

Not going to happen here though it was -14 when I woke up this morning :D

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Bob Maskel
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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by Bob Maskel »

Yeah, I was out on the lake in January too!! Here it is...Wednesday of this week... 17 below zero day, 31 below that night, wind howling, the view of the lake as we left the fish house. Lake Winnibigoshish in northern MN. Each winter I ask myself why I am still here!! Good for you southern dudes that get to use your boats for more than half the year!! (At least we got some fish!)
Lake Winnie minus 17 degrees F.jpg
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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by Andy Garrett »

I'm originally from Florida, and I will NEVER live north of where I live right now.

I'm not sure I'd even want to buy a house on the north side of Wichita. Too cold up there, brrrr! :shock:
Andy Garrett

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Re: January Malahini Crusing

Post by Lowka53 »

:lol: low landers complaining about bad weather at least the wind will blow it away. today we got about another foot of snow up here in salt Lake valley. I am just glad I am not driving through the mountain passes and sitting in my warm house :wink: :lol:
Bob knows what I am talking about I wouldn't want to be up there.
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