Glen L Driftboat

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Glen L Driftboat

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I am going to start building this boat. I have perused the plans extensively. Why do you need the battens that run from front to back on the building frames? These stay in the boat, correct? why couldn't I just build it stitch and glue on the frames and have the interior clean and clear of these stringers?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Glen L Driftboat

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The battens are used to stiffen the plywood and we wouldn't recommend that you eliminate them. See Glen's article on this subject: ... l#notebook

The Driftboat isn't designed for stitch & glue construction.

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Re: Glen L Driftboat

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In my 16th year I built Drift boats most of the spring (after school was out) and into the summer. I think we built 20 or so.
Then I spent some of the summer going down some of the Rivers (as the Drift boat commander) in Western Washington.

So I can tell you from experience those Drift boats will take a tumble and a crash from time to time. You'll be up fighting fish, and other chores so the Bottom needs to be re-enforced pretty well.

There were times I thought the Sides would Buckle as we crashed into rollers and vaulted down the other side into flat water.
You may have guessed this, but I just loved doing that :lol:

PS: FIll out your User info so we have an idea where your gonna be fishing. We might crash into one of your trips. :D

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