Ahoj from Slovakia

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Ahoj from Slovakia

Post by dalek » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:35 pm

Hi All

My names Dale, I am from the UK but I currently live in Slovakia.

I am currently hoping to build a few boats. I am starting with a small river cruiser from some old plans I have (about 60 years old) and then I am hoping to build a Bateau (I always have to check the spelling of that) VG26. Which in my opinion is a beautiful sail boat. They have a full story behind the design of it which I like. And then finally I AM going to build a Pelican by Bernd Kolher.

I work with wood every day and I have a CNC machine for cutting precision parts so if you ever need any parts cutting from plywood or solid timbers, please feel free to contact me - http://www.dalekirkwood.co.uk/cnc-machining/. It's not something I do for a job but I love boats and I am happy to help anyone in Europe (or the UK) if I can.

I renovated a 36" Narrowboat in the UK also. I rewired, replumbed, rebuild, restyled.etc. the whole boat so I have a pretty extensive knowledge of marine electrics, plumbing, woodwork.etc so if anyone has any questions I am happy to help and even happier to learn.

Well, that is it from me. I hope to hear from some of you soon.



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