7 Feb 1999

Dear Gayle,

Thank you for your letter dated 29 January 1999, I have contacted Mr Calder, and posted some photographs, and Technical manuals, for glues, fixings, etc. I am very pleased to give information on the JACK TAR, because for me this project is a dream come true, and a life long ambition; to help others is my pleasure and thank you for asking. I enclosed some more photographs of turning the hull. That was a great day for me and all who came to see her, we are the talk of the village. My wife Sue said that Glen was watching some dolphins swim when he designed Jack Tar, because the hull looked like a dolphin before she was turned, she is a bit of a romantic, my Sue. That said, we have been married for thirty years, and in love for forty years, hence the name of our boat. Many thanks to you and all at Glen-L Designs. It's nice to keep in touch.

My very best wishes to all.

Bob Warner