28 October 2004

Here are some more pictures of my Aqua Cat project for your review. Here you can see the side planking is on as Lola poses for a photo. She's not much of a wood worker but she likes to watch and she's a great listener.

The side planking looks great, I love the lines of the hull. Here you can see the anti trip planking is just about installed.

I'm a little squished when working on this side of the boat but no major problems so far.

As you look from the transom you may notice that the frames have been notched to accept the tunnel keel and anti trip chines. The plans state that this needn't be done when using the 3/4" material that they specify, however, I am using 4/4" spruce and if the frames don't get notched then the members won't line up with the transom and lay flat and level.

The anti trip planking is now complete for this side. Pictured also is the builder with his favourite hand plane.

The inner anti trip planking is going along nicely.