Bandido by Nick Moschis, Adelaide, Australia

10 September 2006

Construction Update:
Nearly 3 years, and the hull is almost complete. Just a bit more sanding and then ready to paint. During that time I have had plenty of opportunity to 'change' things. The biggest development was deciding to use twin inboard engines driving Twin Doen Jets. The engines are Holden V8 308 (cu in), Australian versions of Chevy 350's, which should generate about 500 hp. I have always been keen on jet drives for a boat, and they seem to have numerous advantages over traditional drives.

After the painting, my biggest challenge will be turning over the boat without damage.

13 May 2007

A quick update on the progress of my Bandido. After much sanding, enough was enough and I started the process of painting. Below the water line I have used an 2 part epoxy, anti-foul copper based paint (maroon colour). Sanded back it exposes the copper and reduces fouling. Other than periodic cleaning, I should not have to repaint for several years. Above the water line I have a deep maroon colour with white sides. Overall, not a bad finish. Next task is to turn over!

Nick Moschis