Bandido by Nick Moschis, Adelaide, Australia

23 March 2008

A few more months pass and I am well into the below deck interior. I have decided to complete this before the deck goes on to avoid working in a confined space. Am finishing with Teak cabinetry and flooring, highlighted with white timber beams and "soft" fabric wall lining.

8 October 2008 Update

Currently working on the deck and finishing off the interior. Also starting the installation of a half-size cabin (my own design, not on the original drawings). I hope that it will give it a retro look!

17 August 2009 Update

Nearly another year has gone (5 years so far!). I have passed my original completion date and have decided not to have a deadline as I don’t want to rush any of the finishing detail.

The interior is fun and interesting compared with the hull, however there is a lot to do, especially sub floor which has two fuel tanks, a fish tank and a fresh water tank – all built out of plywood and epoxy (am worried I might forget something).

Each time I plan to do something I realise I need to do 3 other jobs first.

I have allowed for lots of storage space, compartments, an external sink, a fold up gas hotplate, rear seats, etc. etc.

One small rule I have to keep things moving: I always do some work on the boat each day, even if it’s only 15 minutes! There are lots of small jobs to do, and if you do one each day it’s amazing how much gets done.