14 Dec 2005

The boat is again the right way up after painting and boring of the shaft hole. The sides have proven a nightmare to get smooth after putting a coating of dynel on. The paint is Northane 2-pack fleet red and gloss black. Norglass is an Australian company and is brilliant. There is still a bit of work to do, but that will be done after the deck is laid and the fitout completed. I can say with some pride that all the work is mine... even the mistakes. The stern took 2 days and the rudder bracket was a pain all the way to the finish. The exhaust ports are 65 mm and the flanges are laser cut, the fuel tank is 304 stainless steel and around 55 litres. Again my work. As for the trailer, which is coming, I left that to a local manufacturer who promises a proper job.
Have fun everyone.

Love, Light & Peace.