Motorwell in

Motorwell in.

Zip as built by
Don Witherspoon
Hernando, FL

Decking done, ready for anilin dye

Decking done, ready for anilin dye.

Clear coat on

Clear coat on.

Just returned from sea trials...

Just returned from sea trials, great boat... handles great, turns great... I am very happy! The trailer was built from Glen-L plans.

Motor is a 1961 Johnson 40 HP...

Motor is a 1961 Johnson 40 HP. After some work and paint, it runs and looks good! Great project!

Where did you get the windshield?

I called Jack McCarthy from The Wooden Shop, in Cincinnati, Oh., who had helped with a project on a Century a few years ago. He had a new (but with a small scratch) windshield that was perfect for this boat. It is a Taylor, and I was glad to get it a reduced price. I understand they still make the old style windshields, but are pricey.