Bo Jest

I decided to scarf the plywood sides together rather than butt them together. Here I'm practicing with a couple of plywood strips, just to make sure I'm doing it right. Glen-L Boatbuilding with Plywood book gives good instructions as to how to do this. The glue you see is PL Premium PU glue. It's easy to work with, waterproof and strong.

Here are three sheets of 3/8" plywood scarfed together. I used a hand held electric planer to do the work

Here are a couple of photos of the sides being put on. The first side was much easier than the second side.

12 May 2006

I sealed up the joints on the chine, sheer, and frames. It was much easier to do it with the boat upside-down and no bottom planking. You are looking at the transom and the side.

Everything has been faired and I've started to put down the bottom plywood. The whole bottom was fitted with two layers of ¼" DF. That gives me six layers of ply.