Zip by Rick “Skip” Canton

The next four pictures show the turning of my Zip.

Picture #1. The boat turning crew of Wendell, Jonathan and Scott and myself, getting ourselves ready to lift and carry the Zip out of my garage. As you can see by the picture I have started the white stripe just above the green bottom paint. The blue masking tape is still visible and will be removed after the second coat of white paint.

Picture #2. The crew starts to turn the boat that is going on the boat trailer that was purchased earlier and retro fitted to a bunk trailer.

Picture #3. The boat is almost vertical and is starting to be lowered onto the trailer.

Picture #4. The Zip is resting comfortably on the trailer, the wood you see protruding up from inside the boat is part of the building form. Thanks to the help of neighbors we successfully turned over the Zip. The turning over of your boat is quite a step in the process. To see your boat upright gives you a new sense of accomplishment and gets you pumped up for the next phase of interior design and finish work.

Picture #1. I have my deck battens on and I have faired them using my power planer and scrap plywood to get the proper fit. The power planer works great, It took me about an hour to get it done. I will be working on the carlings and the seats next as I wait for my shipment of marine plywood to come in for the top decking.

Picture #2. I installed my floor, I used ½ inch plastic plywood, it works great, I used 1” x 2” white oak for my floor blocking and then sealed them with epoxy resin. Seats are next, I am planning to go with a 10” height seat at this point, not sure of the design my next picture should give a good view of what I decided. I have 2 months until basketball starts so I hope to have everything done except the finished top decking and hardware. That I will tackle next spring and my Zip should be ready for the June launching !


I put the top decking 1/4" marine plywood on the bow and the side gunnels. I have to finish the plywood decking on my cross member just behind the front seats, hard to tell by this picture but a better picture of this area in my next update. I set my vintage 1960's windshield on the decking to see what it would look like, I like the look and will mount it later once the finished top decking is complete. Seats will go in this weekend along with the carpet.