Zip by Jeff Chapple

11 October 2007

Here is a front view of my boat taken in September, 2007. The seat backs and bottoms are loose and un-upholstered. That job will be probably be done last. The cradle I built is very sturdy and level. The boat does not move while I am doing the work inside.

The rear view shows the framework for the deck. The transom has been raised to accept a 20" motor shaft. I am buying a new 40HP Nissan. I've been told the boat should move... I have purchased a marine battery which will be installed in the motor well--it weighs 75 pounds, that's why I installed the gas tank in front. The Speedometer pitot tube can be seen here mounted on the lower part of the transom.

27 May, 2008

I finished the last details of the boat over the weekend. I still have to get it on the trailer and take it to the marina where I bought the motor. They will be mounting the motor for me. I also need to get the boat inspected. The inspector will be coming from Saratoga. This inspection will allow me to get my boat numbers. I hope to have all this done by the end of the next week.

I have been working on this boat for a year and a half. Not bad for a guy who has cancer. I hope to have an enjoyable boating summer with my family.

-- Jeff Chapple

28 March 2009

I was looking at my archived pictures on your site and noticed that a final picture was needed. Here we are on the first day out last summer (2008). We purchased a 40 HP Nissan motor for the craft.

The boat moves through the water beautifully.

Thank you Glen-L.