A-Lure-PW by Denzil Duncan

16 March 2009

We all, especially boat builders, like pictures. The images have helped me a lot; hopefully these may be able to help someone.

This project has taught me that it is ok to strive for perfection but symmetry is more important. Epoxy has gap-filling properties that I can use to my advantage when the "friendly side of the line" isn't and the table saw won't split the line even though I have used the widest lumber pencil. Eye balling is accurate when all reference points are curving sloping and generally looks different every time it's measured.

For the most part I strive to follow the plans and have found that as the build progresses the plan reveals itself with info glossed over in the early stages, info that I did not yet know how to interpret. I am now beginning to see more than just the constituent parts of the project and more so the total.