Bo-Jest by Peter Tonkin

4 November 2008

4 December 2008

Couple of more Photos of my Bo Jest - Sole and Deck timbers ( Flooded Gum 5mm laminate to 12mm ply ) pretty much set in place next job is a sand up and fill with black acrylic filler.

What you can’t see is the hours spent under the floor on supports, plumbing and water tanks!

On holidays for three weeks so I expect to have the inside completely done – then I have to take the front of the shed off (yep, very funny, she won’t fit out the door) and install the windows and roof.

9 February 2009

Update on SheelyKeel.
Decks 5mm Flooded Gum laminated to 12mm exterior structural ply. Front cabin New Guinea Rosewood.

Steering is in all tanks are in an plumbed, wiring is next.
I have started the main cabin walls and the windows but need to remove boat from shed before I can go to full height.

9 June 2009

It’s been the wet season here and its pretty much rained nonstop for 5 months … but winter is here, skies are now clear, temps in the 70’s and I can take the front off the shed to get the boat out to put the roof on… quite a drama getting the boat out that is!