Zip by Amauri Cascapera, Sao Paulo, Brazil

January 22, 2009 continued

Here, instead of laminate I decided to curve the wood by skarfing due to its hardness and difficulty in finding thinner strips of wood.

My wife Teá and me.

My neighbor and friend Darci Motti and my granddaughter Julia visiting the yard.

The job is done.

Affixing the floor supports. I chose a very strong wood called "Ipê."

Affixing the sides and bottom.

The back side is fixed and is being sanded.

Friends are always visiting and helping.

16 February 2009 Update

Here you can see the front side screwed and glued. Notice the gap between the front and the back side - this is because the difference between the size of plywood sold in the USA and sold in Brazil. Ours measures 220cm by 160cm so we had to make the junction.

The hull is planked and glued.