Imp by Tom Schultz

14 December 2007

March-10-2007 Faired the side planking and attached bottom planking. It really looks like a boat now.

I emailed a past Glen-L Imp boatbuilder to ask for a recommendation about fiberglassing in cold temperatures, and was advised to wait for warmer weather. Even though I was anxious to continue on the boat, I think that was a good call. Thanks Shane.
May-30-2007 Fiberglassed the seams and hull using West System Epoxy.
June-2-2007 second coat of Epoxy.
June-9-2007 third coat of Epoxy. Sanding in between.
This job was incredibly easy, and looks great. Almost too nice to paint over.
June-13-2007 Flipped boat and removed some of the framework.
June-23-2007 Installed seats
June-24-2007 Installed inner and outer sheer and fore decking.