TNT by Lee DenBraber, Peoria, Illinois

15 March 2011 (Cont'd)

I made a steamer using PVC pipe and a wall paper steamer to steam the chine logs. It helped to bend them. I steamed for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

December, 2010. Bending the chine logs was tricky. Using clamps and straps to twist them helped get them in place.

A close-up showing how the chine logs landed at the stem.

My tools of choice for fairing. Using a belt sander like this takes practice but it works very well.

Installing side planking.

January, 2011. Both sides done.

I fretted a lot about the transition joints. Once you do one, it is not too bad.

A countersinking bit is a must for drilling holes in planking.

Bottom planking showing butt blocks.

Bottom planking is complete except for final trimming.

February, 2011. I used a jig saw and a hand belt sander to trim the planking. I also used the belt sander for rough sanding.