The outside of the hull I finished with Interlux Brightside polyurethane system (sealer, primer and paint) in Sea Green. Another modification I made was to add a 3/4" x 1" strip with a v-groove on the bottom for a spray buster (a very dry ride now). I added this strip because while planing at speed the spray was hitting the bottom of the bumper rail and the wind would soak me with spray. All fittings are either bronze or brass (couldn't find a bronze bow eye- anyone got a lead on one?).

Accessories include a Bimini, downrigger, fishing pole holders, battery, running lights, bilge pump, power socket, fishfinder, gps and a hydrofoil wing on the motor.

Having had 10hp an my last boat and in consideration of logs, sandbars, submerged trees and rocks as well as the large amount camping gear I have and the size of my friends, I boosted the horsepower to 15. Now you know why all the reinforcements to the hull. She'll do 30mph on smooth water. Waaaay cool.....dude!

In summary this is an excellent flexible design that was a good choice for a first build. Simple and durable this boat has withstood some extreme duty in the Lower Colorado River and the kelp beds off of San Diego (2-3 miles outside the bay). It took about two years as a hobby project. I have been offered $3,500 cash by a man from Canada. NO SALE! Not yet.......

Now back to laying out the deck of the Huck Finn pontoon boat I am getting ready to build next.....

Please excuse the quality of these photos as my scanner isn't very good. Thanks-J.B.