Subject: TNT
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 18:48:35 -0800
From: Nick & Sandy

Thank you glen-l.
Although my project is not 100% finished I had to send you some pictures of my project. I started last fall and semi-finished in the middle of summer. Semi-finished because it need's a final coat and the graphic's. It's been in use though and it's been a lot of fun. No matter if your towing it down the highway or cruising down the lake you get a lot of look's and people coming up to you and asking how you came of it. I love saying I built it myself. The plan's were great, There wasn't a aspect that was left out that I can think of. So my only advice to people would be to follow them and don't cut corner's because if you think your smarter that glen-l , think again your not.

Modifications include a hatch behind the seat that lift's on hinges to store thing's. Also the back for a seat was built in, but the seat is a removable cushion. Other than that it is to spec. The motor on it is a ten horse and I am surprised to say that it was clocked doing 23 miles an hour. It feel's great but I have to put a 30 on it soon as a deal comes along. I loved the project so much I am in the middle of completing the tunnel-mite. Other projects I would like to complete are the kid-row and the tuffy. Thanks to all who helped . Especially my wife. My boat is dedicated to my 2 year old son. It'll be around for him to enjoy.

Nick Rakic, Vancouver B.C Canada